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I am Sweet and Charming Grace,welcome to my AD

hi,how are you,guys! I am Sweet and Charming Grace,welcome to my ad. 23 years old Beijing girl. I am charming, sweet and exciting to be around. I have a sense of both class and down-to-earth unique warmth and passion that will leave you wishing to see me again and again! I am very open-minded and like to have fun and will treat you like my VIP. I’m also studied in chinese Traditional massage school. Expect an independent upscale girl,petite & slim.busty & pretty with long silky black hair, –a well-proportioned sexy hot body, 34C-23-34 5’4″ 100 lbs – a cheerful and caring personality.I can provide high quality massage and service at your hotel or apartment at reasonable charges. My massage will relieve your stress and give you sensual relax. I do think I am a unique girl different from others. Don’t spend your day or evening alone.

As one of beijing elite upscale companions, I offer companionship in its truest sense to distinguished gentlemen desiring an unconventional relationship

As one of beijing elite upscale companions. I offer companionship in its truest sense to distinguished gentlemen desiring an unconventional relationship. I provide genuinely stimulating encounters fused with excitement and intelligence. If you desire a beautiful woman who is an intoxicating mix of substance, sophistication and sensuality look no further. Physically I stand 165cm with a voluptuous figure. I am a 36D-28-36 with beautiful soft womanly curves, supple skin, and gorgeous well toned legs. I am told my most striking features are captured in my face; with a youthful fair complexion, pink cheeks, full luscious lips, big eyes, finished off with long wavy hair. If you’re a gentleman who is captivated by beauty with a drape of innocence you will be pleasantly pleased. Chemistry is a very important to me and I reserve my efforts for those whom I feel I would be most compatible with. I only accept a minimal amount of suitors after the screening and referral process is completed. I very much love what I do and always want to make sure we are a good match before spending time together. If you think we would enjoy each others company I look forward to hearing from you.

Beijing Outcall Massage Tantric Massage

As for all massages it is very important both the client and masseuse feel comfortable and relaxed during a Beijing Outcall Massage Tantric massage. Even more so during a Tantric massage since you are creating an experience in which both will need to open up and relax to make the most of it. It can happen that a client is not totally relaxed or comfortable in which case the masseuse can decide to start the massage with some relaxation exercises and yoga stands to get into the right mood for the Tantric experience. Setting the mood by using (scented) candles, a comfortable room temperature and making sure the door is locked can help the client to leave any stress and tension on the doorstep to enjoy the massage to the fullest.

Beijing Outcall Massage Tantric massage is a therapy with some distinctive techniques compared to other well known massage traditions. Tantric massage has its focus on the bodily energy and blockages of this energy which stand in the way of feeling relaxed, energized and comfortable in your own skin. By using several techniques to find and treat these energy blocks and to open and close chackra’s to connect the energy flow with the seven chakra’s in your body.

When getting an Beijing Outcall Massage Tantric massage it is very important that the masseuse is communicative during the treatment and the client is not afraid to mention when pressure is too hard or too soft. Because a Tantric massage will touch some very sensitive body parts as the belly, butt and chest it is important to have a clear understanding of what is comfortable and what is not to make sure you can fully enjoy the massage and feel the bodily energy flow freely again. The masseuse will mostly use long strokes and deep pressure using the whole hand instead of fingertips or the palm of the hand. It is not uncommon that by releasing the energy in the body also sensual and sexual energy is released. By enjoying the massage to the fullest and relax completely so the masseuse can guide you through the treatment you will be amazed about you own bodily energy.

I’m a sexy seductress and knows how to connect with you in ways you have never experienced before….

My name is MILAA. I am young, beautiful.Sexy.Interesting.A wise man.Natural breasts.L always look fashionable and elegant.I like my job, can make you happy.L will be only a gentleman.L, have a plenty of RoIeplay clothing.Secretary. The teacher.A flight attendant. Schoolgirl.The nurse.Latex.. All the colors of the color of the underwear, socks.Various choose high-heeled shoes and toys.Don’t hesitate to ask me your scene l and unconstrained style fantasy.I must have a passion you good service!The picture is fresh.

beijing escort


Captivate your eyes with my enticing beauty that will make you moan the loudest in your entire lifetime.Very good in bed, will caress and make unimaginable things that can spike your libido up to the sky. My expertise in escorting will make you shout for more. Alluring slim body make it easier for you to grope my body wherever you like. An exotic beautiful creature carrie is want you want to share those secretly satisfying sensual experience.

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Hello everyone, have a nice day, night and morning.

My name is Bet, I’m very funny, a good girl who does bad things because I really love sex!!

I love new meetings, I like to give pleasure to men and enjoy myself. I do not like monotony and you will not be bored with me. I have good English and I am very sociable.

Would you like to join under my umbrella .and have some relaxing time with a hot encounter under it?.

Modelicious body! Flat tummy! Skin so radiant! And feel the wonders to my body?!

I can serve you a Hot and Unforgettable Girlfriend Experience .

I’m Lola, a fun and classy girl available as your companion.

Hi guyz,seductive queen from dazzling city of Shanghai,touch down beijing now..fresh and always hot for you……eat me licked me have me and taste my unique blend of naughtiness kinkiness and charming personality that will satisfy your cravings for debauchery and lustful desires… cum now and experience my natural expertise that Will give you fulfillment beyond compared as i will enjoy together with you each touch and sensation that you are feeling .. offers varieties of fun and entertainment to satisfy your palate including a relaxing and erotic massages to relax your tired mind and body…You never know what I’ll invent for you to satisfy your desire,,,its just a surprise….

 I'm Lola, a fun and classy  girl available as your companion.


Do you think your innocent little girlfriend would never do any kind of escort work? Do you think your girlfriend or wife is too classy to have ever been a professional travel companion…? You’d be surprised. That’s exactly the kind of woman that the high-end industry attracts. 😉

While there is of course a market for lower end escorts who provide less tasteful services for money, there are also very elite introduction escort agencies who provide very well bred, beautiful women and supermodels to VIPs and celebrities, in a very kind and tasteful exchange of energies and companionship. And the kind of woman you think would never have done that… Has probably done it in some fashion.

Whether as a sugar baby, the girlfriend of an affluent man for the advantages he can give her, or the more savvy and business like elite escort, who prefers to choose with whom she spends her time, in exchange for a hefty fee. The fee guarantees she will only spend time with sophisticated and refined gentlemen, and she often pays for her Ivy League education or world travel experience, with this arrangement. As opposed to taking whatever he thinks she is worth/ whatever she has to ask for every day.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the women who work for elite introduction and escort dating agencies. Why do they do it? Do they like it? What’s in it for them?

A high class escort is a well bred woman who is always presented in designer outfitsThe truth is, there are many benefits for these ladies doing what they do and the most important reason is financial freedom. They can earn a lot of money in one evening just by being good company and having fun. All the ladies take good care of themselves as the clients expect quality, and quality as well as excellence, is what they get. Sometimes she simply enjoys meeting new people, and doesn’t want to waste her time on random people. After all, the agency screens everyone for her, to be a perfect match. In addition, she doesn’t need to deal with him directly again if she doesn’t want to!

The life of an elite escort or beautiful single is also a life full of adventure and excitement. They could be having dinner anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. They date the wealthiest of clients who have the means to show them the world and the fine things it has to offer. They also attend lavish and prestigious business functions as they are often required at such events.

It also gives them the opportunity to meet wealthy men and experience a luxury lifestyle. A lifestyle they may be accustomed to, due to daddy’s money, (which she is seeking to emancipate from, while making her independent income), or a level of luxury she has not yet experienced, if she is still quite young. These girls get to travel a lot, as well as having great experiences in luxury.

Imagine dating for a living, and having the best time a date has to offer! Gentlemen trying to impress you and compliment you and gift you… It’s not bad! These girls don’t get bogged down in the hassles of emotional dating, as their aim is to ensure that the client has the best time, so he will return. They may genuinely care for their clients, but they are rarely looking for a deep relationship. However occasionally she may fall in love, and a relationship can be arranged. Whether that is a life partner relationship or a temporary sugar baby relationship, remains to be decided!

Travel companion escort leaving a luxury five star hotelPrimarily, these are very clever business women who are using the best of themselves to make a lot of money and live a luxurious lifestyle. If one’s beauty only lasts for the first 40 years or so, and one is blessed with such, wouldn’t one make the most of that? They don’t all have to be blonde teenagers, as gentlemen have very different tastes. He can select a lady with a bit of knowledge of the world, as well as an excellent education.

At the higher end of the scale, like Pearl Beijing® elite agency, one can be assured of only meeting the most sophisticated and refined dates. The agency screens both gentlemen and ladies, to ensure only cultured, special people are introduced to each other.,

These girls love their work, and have a sensational time as well – what more could one want?!



Congratulations! You got the girl you like to agree to a date! Or you are a savvy, affluent sophisticate who has booked a high-end elite escort to join you for the evening. Now think about where you should go. Most first dates begin with food; there’s something sensual about mouths and lips, and one can chat without constant eye contact.

Where you decide to take her could make or break your whole experience, and chance for more dates. Your aim is to make her feel like the only girl in the world, so make sure your venue reflects that.

Once at the restaurant, you’ll want to avoid embarrassing situations. Some of the most mortifying occurrences on dates involve bodily functions and food mishaps. Here is a list of foods to avoid and the reasons why:

1. Burger and fries. If you’ve decided to opt for a venue that serves burger and fries, don’t expect a second date unless you’re both in high school. This screams of immaturity and won’t impress many girls, particularly if there is no cutlery. Messy dripping sauces, soggy/ flaky buns, cheap meat, grease.. No.

2. Never, ever order milk to accompany your meal, unless you are eight years old. Don’t order from the children’s menu. Your date will think she is babysitting for the evening. You’ll come across as unsophisticated and child-like. Either order a lovely wine or beer, or better still, opt for a non-alcoholic beverage, of the non-sparkling variety to avoid untimely belches!

3. Anything ‘garlic’ – unless she is ordering it also. But generally, garlic breath is not the best way to ensure her willingness to kiss you later in the evening.. It is fairly common sense in most proper society that garlic and heavy onion flavors should be off the menu when with a date you are planning to get close to later!

4. Herb bread. Whilst this is a favorite with many people, it’s not attractive to watch someone who’s trying to impress you, munching away with butter running down their chin and green herb-pieces stuck in every available crevice in their teeth. Eww.. Give this one a miss until you know each other much better and you can have a laugh about it.

5. Tacos and other fiddly hand-food. It’s really hard to listen to someone as you are building the next amazing mouthful. You don’t want any distractions as you get to know your beautiful date. Are you there for the food, or to get to know her better? If it’s for the food, come back another time with your date, your priorities are all messed up lol.

6. Ribs or lobster. It’s not worth trying to look like a hot shot, you’ll come off looking worse. Ribs are decidedly messy and heavy, and lobster is one of the most tricky foods to eat. You’ll likely end up covered in it, whichever you choose. Steer clear of both options, if you want to avoid an embarrassing impression, or putting your date off her food – and you!

7. Soup seems like a safe, sensible choice. However, no matter how hard you try, you will slurp. You will be distracted whilst trying to talk to your date and you will find it almost impossible to work your way through that endless bowl of liquid. There is no sexy way to eat soup and you might just blow your chances with your date. Unless they serve it in a mug for you to sip on, avoid it. Opt for a salad for entree, or something with which you can use cutlery. You can check more of “what foods to avoid on your first date here”!

Having impressed her with your sophisticated table manners, you are now free to enjoy a lemon sorbet for palate cleansing, a good chew on some strong mint gum for mouth-freshening, and a romantic stroll, where you may be able to steal a kiss. Whether you bring a beautiful upscale beijing escort girl to join you, or a lovely single date looking for a relationship, any well-bred woman will respond positively to polite and neat table manners.

Now to start meeting truly beautiful women, with whom you can not only enjoy quality time

How to guarantee a third date.If you’re already thinking of planning your second date, that must mean the first one went well! The second date is the deciding factor for many women, as to whether they will continue with the third date. And the 3rd date is a very important one indeed for most couples. You can certainly choose to meet escort girl within the agency, or perhaps opt for the same one you liked and have built a rapport with.

Certainly if you are dating with a view to long term benefits, then staying loyal to the same girl is probably a good idea. Assuming you liked her enough, this demonstrates that the beijing escort agency has chosen well for you, and all their consultation process is worth it!

Begin by calling the agency and giving them some feedback on how the first date went. Tell them how much you enjoyed it and what you liked about the girl. They can easily arrange for a second date, depending on her availability. If you’ve found a girl you like already, this will make planning so much easier for future dates and special occasions. This way you already know what to expect, and can build on her likes and dislikes, as she can for you.

For your second date, which is the all-important doorway to the third date, choose something special and different from your first date. Remember, you aim is to enjoy female escort company and have fun. At this point, commitment and strings attached are something to be negotiated at a future date. Now is all about getting to know each other, whether you WANT strings attached! Continue to treat her exceptionally well, and behave like the perfect gentleman. She will certainly decline the next big date if you are not as lovely as you seemed on first impression.

The second date will be more relaxed than the first date, as you will have a better idea of what to expect from each other. Having a better understanding of each other’s likes and dislikes means you can plan the second date accordingly, with the third date in mind. For women, dating can be like buying a house. It’s a big investment, and you will go with your instinct on first impression. So you must view it again, to really get a good feel for the place, and whether this investment is worth it. She will rarely decide to buy before that third visit – or in your case, a third meeting. After all, a pretty important and sacred thing is at stake… Her body and heart.

By now you will have realized the benefits of using a dating agency. There will be no clingy text messages or calls asking where you are and what are you doing. It matches you with a perfect blend, and allows you both to progress at your own pace. When you are ready for that kind of intimacy, you can certainly agree to it mutually. Don’t push her, wait til she’s ready. And you too, may not be ready for some time, so keep your dating on a lovely casual level, going through the agency so your private life remains such. This is dating on your terms. The best of both worlds.

When the meeting time arrives, meet your date at your agreed location and plan something wonderful. If you have already been for dinner on your first date, perhaps consider the theater or a live show this time around. Be an attentive and considerate gentleman, and treat her like a diamond. She will probably want to date you again too, and your mutually beneficial relationship can continue for as long as you need it. Stop wasting time and money on random dates, unsatisfactory fix ups or endless meaningless mediocrity. Contact beijing escort agency now to start meeting truly beautiful women, with whom you can not only enjoy quality time, but may consider for a spouse at any time in your future.