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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Snack-time in Beijing

If you come to Beijing, local snack is a must-try. There are many kinds of snacks in Beijing, including imperial snacks from the Ming and Qing dynasties. With nice taste and inexpensive price, these snacks are very popular among locals. Rolling donkey (Lv Da Gun) Originated in Qing Dynasty, Lv Da Gun is one of […]

Beijing Taxi Booking List

金建出租 Jin Jian Taxi (金建出租车) 010-83611296 首汽 Shou Qi Taxi (首汽出租车) 961001 北汽 Bei Qi Taxi (北汽出租车) 010-87665998 银建 Beijing YinjianTaxi (北京银建出租车) 96103 北方 Bei Fang Taxi (北方出租车) 010-63275113 京联 Jing Lian Taxi (京联出租车) 010-81514646 新月联合出租车 Xinyue Lianhe Taxi (新月联合出租车) 010-67366666 东方 Oriental Taxi (东方出租车) 010-67653547 渔阳 Yuyang Lianhe Taxi (渔阳联合出租汽车) 010-87606696 Cars and drivers: […]

Enjoy the Special Service During Your Trip in Beijing

What is Called Blowjob ? The Blowjob is also known as Fellatio, it is an oral sex act, involving the use of the mouth or throat, generally performed by a girl on the penis of a man. They might suck or blow on the penis which is where it gets its name, this action can […]

Tips for outcall massage

In general, outcall service simply means the massage therapist is going to the place where the clients live in, instead of the client coming to the massage parlors or Spas. Outcall service may be provided in the client’s own home, hotel or any other private places, sometimes, the massage therapists also utilize outcalls to provide […]

Negotiating or Bargain at the Price in China

Negotiating or Bargain in China can be a tremendous challenge. The key to price negotiation in China, and probably in any negotiation is knowledge. If you know what the price “should” be, you are already half way there. In this article, I present some useful example for people who like negotiating with the Chinese. Example […]